We can match or beat any local competitor’s pricing on new saltwater tank setups, saltwater fish, corals, and inverts.

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Livestock we carry


Angels, Anthias, Basslets, Blennies, Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Damsels, Eels, Gobies, Groupers, Hawk Fish, Lion Fish, Puffer Fish, Rabbit Fish, Sharks, Sweetlips, Tangs, Trigger Fish, Wrasses, and much more…


SPS and LPS Hard Corals, Mushrooms, Soft Corals, Polyps, Sea Fans, Zoanthids, and much more…


Crabs, Lobsters, Snails, Nudibranch, Scallops, Shrimps, Starfish, Urchins, Feather Dusters, and much more…

About us

We opened our store in July 2011.  Our first store was a tiny 400 square foot “shack” of a building.  Thus the name, The Fish and Frag Shack.  A little less than a year later, after we built up our clientele, we moved to a larger retail space.

We are an owner operated family business.  Before we had a store, we were saltwater hobbyists just like our customers.  We strive to carry a great selection of fish and corals as well as all the supplies needed to maintain a saltwater aquarium.

  • Saltwater Fish, Corals & Invertebrates
  • Frozen Food, Live Food, Dry Food
  • Saltwater & RODI Water
  • Salt Mixes
  • Live Rock, Sand & Substrates
  • Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Equipment
  • Custom Glass and Acrylic Tank Set Ups
  • Chemicals, Additives & Water Treatments
  • Tank Lighting
  • Test Kits
  • Fish Medication
  • Plumbing Parts
  • Pumps & Powerheads
  • RO Water Filters…plus much more!
Brands We Carry
Advanced Acrylics
API Fish Care
Blue Life
Brightwell Aquatics
Carib Sea
Current USA Lighting
H2O Life
Lifegard Aquatics
New Era Fish Food
Ocean Nutrition
Red Sea
Reef Nutrition
Reef Octopus
Two Little Fishies